Where can i find an executive coach in the philippines?

I need to find an executive coach that could help me with my small business

you can try this site


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  1. Julius says:

    Hi. We are a group of professionally trained and ICF-credentialed executive coaches, please visit http://www.benchmark-consulting.net. We can definitely help you. ICF is International Coach Federation – this is the global authority of coaching and is the largest organization of professional coaches worldwide. ICF credentialed coaches will guarantee you world class quality coaching and protect your interests as they are strictly following ethical standards of the coaching profession.

    In your selection of an executive coach, I suggest you always check the credential and formal training of the coach. Coaching is loosely used nowadays and we have several self-proclaimed coaches who may not be properly equipped with coaching competencies to help you achieve what you want. You can also search for an executive coach at http://www.coachfederation.org. Good luck!References :

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