What do you think of the following names for my consulting business?

180 Degrees, Create, Kreate (both of these would have the "re" in bold type ,for an actual name of "Recreate/Rekreate), Unleased, and New Direction. My company will focus on Strategic Planning, People Development through Individual and Business Coaching/Leadership programs, and Process Improvement. Primary target market is small to medium size companies, i.e. 50 to 200 employees. My mission is to assist this market segment in "moving in another/new direction, turn around situations, and developing associates rather than simply "training" them". Any other suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks for the help!

I vote for Kreate

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4 Responses to What do you think of the following names for my consulting business?

  1. ansmenam says:

    I like REcreateReferences :

  2. nashdude says:

    I vote for KreateReferences :

  3. calikisses says:

    I don’t think people will understand the concepts of Create/Kreate with RE in bold and that you are trying to say REcreate.

    I personally like 180 Degrees & Unleased, they stand out the most.References :

  4. Hullabaloo says:

    I would say good start. I am a sales and marketing consultant and have worked with start ups on this very thing. A couple of pieces of advice that I would give you are:

    1.) Spend about a week generating buzzwords for your business that not only talk about what it is that you do, but what sets you apart. Do not think too hard about this, it is a simple brainstorming exercise – try to include everything that you can think of, things like "people", "train", "small business", "New Direction", etc. The reason I say a week is because you may be driving, reading, etc. and come across an idea you hadn’t originally thought of.

    2.) Next work with plays on words (subtle though) to come up with a few great choices, then take another poll. An example would be:

    Say you are a company that excels in what you do and you have a solution that will change the rate of return on, let’s say, investments. A possible example would be Excellerate (note the subltety there (and this was off the cuff so it may be a bad example.

    And the final piece of advice I have is no matter what, do not use the word consulting in the business name. I know you have not here, but that is somewhat of a turn off in industry. Good luck!References :

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