Starting Your Own Business Coaching Practice

Business coaching is a profession that has evolved within a unique framework, providing business related instructions and direction, with the help of proper encouragement and advice. It originated within the sporting arena, where, for centuries, coaches have helped athletes to achieve their goals. It revolves around collaborative solution seeking and formulating a plan of action. It aims at a broader perspective and assists in the development of a process for a particular business to move on in a profitable direction. It is a fairly new profession, but it has tremendous scope to expand as an industry. It is a cost- effective method of achieving objectives. It brings about new insights regarding work and life and initiates a paradigm shift that results in new perspectives. Business coaching is believed to be the most effective way of achieving growth, change and development for an individual, group and organization.

How to start your own business coaching practice:

There are certain prescribed steps that need to be implemented, to achieve success in this field. They are as follows:

. It is important to find a qualified mentor and coach, who possesses the ability to enable you grow under his guidance. The reluctance to hire a coach to guide the amateurs, leads to utter failure. You need to search for a business coach with whom you could share the maximum level of comfort and communicate without any hesitance. This comfort-level would help you to avail of the opportunity to learn different ways to deal with difficult situations and find solutions to practical problems. By doing so, you gradually gain the experience to coach a team, while learning from someone who is already an established business coach.

. You need to earn the certification and focus on the area of business coaching that you wish to build your career on. Initially you may seek the help of your mentor, but once you get the knack of the process involved, you can make your own marketing decisions.

. You need to gather resources, such as coaching exercises for individuals and groups. These resources help you to prioritizing goals and rate the satisfaction-level of the client.

. In addition to the coaching exercises, you need to gather the coaching instruments. The coaching instruments include tests to measure leadership quality in a client, stress testing, personality and spirit testing, to achieve specific goals. Even guidelines are used to assess or rate a client. The guidelines help to determine the type of clients you need to work with and are capable of handling. Software is also required and it serves as a valuable resource for business coaching practitioners.

. After collecting all the required tools and resources, you need to work towards meeting some legal and financial requirements. In order to ensure the smooth functioning of the legal formalities, you require an authentic business plan to adhere to and follow.

. If necessary seek advice of a business consultant to ensure that you have taken the correct steps to formulate an effective business plan and have not missed any significant requirement along the way.

. In case you finance your business initially, you need to ensure that you have all the essential paperwork and funds in place, before proceeding further. A business plan should comprise of the start-up costs, overhead costs, revenue and expenses.

. Marketing your business coaching practice is very important. It includes projecting your business to people along with information packages, pricing details and other follow up referral services, you offer.

Kris Koonar

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2 Responses to Starting Your Own Business Coaching Practice

  1. in the vortex says:

    Do you have your own practice such as a coaching practice or some other business where you help others?I love helping people & thought about starting a coaching busines so I can do what I love & what I am good at & do naturally. I don’t know how to structure this & would like to know what good books there are on the subject? What have you learned about doing this? Any advice is appreciated.
    I want to be a personal coach & help support people when they are in a rut so they can get motivated & not feel so lost & confused. I would also especially like to work with teens to support then at a time when they have so much on their minds & they are better off having support from others who aren’t so emotionally involved in their life.

  2. Yin Teing says:

    It’s good that you have the interest to help others. Not sure if you are referring to life coaching or related to physical health. If it is physical health, then it will be good to take up a good certification course from ACE ( or ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine). These courses will give you a firm foundation.
    For coaching, you can approach colleges to attend classes to gain basic foundation. A course or training will establish a good foundation- sometimes, if you only read from books, different books offers conflicting information that may lead you feeling even more confused. If you have a foundation, and with experience, then you will be able to differenciate fact from fiction. From there, you build a good reputation and then comes clients. All the best :)References :

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