Is Business Coaching Meant for You

Business coaching is conducted primarily to have a competitive advantage in the market. Most companies that opt for business coaching already have high revenues. Most established businesses find it a worthwhile investment for increasing productivity, management efficiency, and income. It can be very effective in proprietary businesses, especially when the management is planning to expand, achieve yearly objectives, or sort out day-to-day problems.

Business coaching is meant for businesses that are growing at a very rapid rate. Fast growing businesses need to constantly recruit new employees and arrange for the required amount of capital for expansion. This can very often create problems related to workforce management, resource allocation, and delegation of authority and responsibility. Although these problems have very little effect on the bottom line, in time, these problems can manifold and can seriously start affecting productivity and profits along with the competitive advantage that the business had in the first place. Owners of fast growing businesses have little time to manage day-to-day problems, as most of their time goes into planning and managing expansion plans. Business coaching enables businesses to prioritize their objectives and allocate time and resources to each component of productivity in proportion to their relative contribution.

Businesses that have failed in the past and are starting out fresh can also benefit from professional business coaches as they help in identifying mistakes made in the past, break free from inefficient management practices, and create positive new ones. Business coaching is for businesses that want to benefit from a fresh point of view provided by professional coaches who offer an unbiased opinion about the business, and give the right kind of advice without any ulterior motives. Business coaching plays an advisory role and does not directly affect the decisions of the management related to recruitment, salary hikes, bonuses, and cost cutting. It is a mutual partnership wherein the business coach identifies business goals and resources, and suggests the most suitable path for achieving the planned objectives.

The duration of business coaching depends on how much time the management is willing to commit to working with a business coach. If the aim is to learn goal-setting skills or create marketing plans, then a coaching session of four to eight weeks is sufficient to cover the subject. However, if the objective is to receive advice on a regular basis, then business coaching can continue for months or even years, depending on what your goals are, the manner in which you want to work with your coach, and how often you intend to meet with your coach. If the business has identified long-term goals over a period of several years, then it is imperative to continue business coaching as it enables and ensures that the company stays on track until the completion of the goals. By making an investment in business coaching, businesses have and will continue to receive motivation, training, guidance, and mentoring that will insure growth and increased profitability. The investment is small considering the ROI achieved through the business coaching relationship.

Kris Koonar

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  1. kellia1234 says:

    What is the cost of starting a business using your computer?What I mean is with everything involed getting e-books, CD’s, personal coaches, making phone calls, and everything else you need to help start your business without the other people that are involed or the one’s who won’t to make a profit from you starting you own bussiness with the computer. I receive e-mails all the time about people that can help me start a business but, they all won’t something. I don’t know who is for real or not. I do know you got to invest some money and I know you won’t get wealthy over night. So what do I need to look for?
    I am not sure to sell a product or try to offer direction in finding a product when starting my internet business.

  2. Frank Castle says:

    Just work for me.References :

  3. int_69h says:

    This question by it self have alot of answers that cant offer a good number …

    I do suggest that the best way to understand it is combining a full analysis about every other e-business company on the net … for example e-bay etc… and see how they perform their profits and debts and financial status then you will have a good overview about what it costs you .

    Moreover, notice that many people on TV’s or ads or conferences says : "wow e-business" is the best profit ever … Dont forget RISK RISK RISK !! take it study it well or research it more.References :

  4. Rich says:

    Try to come up with your own idea for an online business. Most of the business plans that people online are trying to sell to you are scams. To create your own business online there really is not much cost. Its about $35 a year to register your own domain.References :

  5. idraw4u says:

    First and foremost you need to decide what kind of "business you want to do?
    If you already have a computer, you can start "a" business for next to nothing.
    If not, the cost of your PC and any software would be your first and major expense. after that is can be a little here and a little there.

    Give us a bit more info. so we help more :o)References : Small business owner

  6. imisidro says:

    I suggest you start by reading some books on the topic:

    – 121 Internet Businesses You Can Start from Home: Plus a Beginners Guide to Starting a Business Online by Ron E. Gielgun
    – 101 Internet Businesses You Can Start from Home by Susan Sweeney
    – The E-Code: 33 Internet Superstars Reveal 43 Ways to Make Money Online Almost Instantly—Using Only Email by Joe Vitale

    To start an internet business, you need to have:

    1. The right business model: a product or service that people need and want
    2. You know how to build traffic
    3. You know how to convert those traffic

    Yes, it is not easy. But you can learn.References :

  7. maberry21 says:

    I suggest you take a look at There is an unbelievable ebook that is free called starting your internet business the right way… It basically covers anything and everything you want to know.. If you don’t feel comfortable downloading the book, take a look at the website and you will see a resource center.. That should point you in the right direction.. Everything else is on you…But on average I would say that an online business in total would cost anywhere from 200 to 500 dollars.. That is just a guess.. Good luckReferences :

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