Can you believe what Obama is doing to business owners like me?

This man will ruin this nation!

I own a small business and I make a gross profit of $1 million dollars a year. Now, I project Obama and his taxes will reduce my profits by $250,000, but I’m not sure.

I’m not even sure how I’ll pay the bills. Our family is going to struggle this year on $750,000. What will we ever do? This is the destruction of America!

I’ll have to cut back on the golf, my wife will have to cut back on her manicures. My daughter will definitely have to eliminate one of her trips this year, either the one to Cancun, Paris, Australia or Tokyo. We MIGHT be able to scrape up enough money for first-class, we don’t want her riding with the gangsters in coach!

Things are so bad, I have to sit in section J of the Pistons games, and not my usual row A seats.

What, all so a bunch of lazy bums, like the ones that used to work for me before I sent their jobs to China, can get health care and an "Obamajob" off my dime?

I haven’t been this depressed since Clinton beat Dole in ’96!


Well welcome to the real world! We all have to struggle! But consider yourself blessed you are still better off than some!

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21 Responses to Can you believe what Obama is doing to business owners like me?

  1. MEL T says:

    You’re wrong you don’t have to give up golf and manicures, you simply have to lay off a couple employees and cut their insurance benefits and you can still have the same amount of money. You know that’s exactly what you will do.References :

  2. bash says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss….I will be thinking of you and your family while I feed my children ramen noodlesReferences :

  3. Philip McCrevice says:

    Laugh now until the only job you can get is flipping burgers for me because all the small companies shut down or moved to Mexico.References :

  4. Krissy says:

    I suppose you think this is funny…it’s not even remotely funny.References :

  5. Mike Hawk says:

    you ain’t no Business owner you fuqqing lire, your just some punk kid who heard that some ware dumb fuqReferences :

  6. cynthia_1970 says:

    Well welcome to the real world! We all have to struggle! But consider yourself blessed you are still better off than some!References :

  7. Valerie A says:

    This is a trolling question and not your truth.References :

  8. U.S. face of freedom says:

    Why don’t you join the service it will make a man out of ya!References :

  9. Ralph W says:

    wow and I thought you were just a deadbeat who lived in his mom’s basementReferences :

  10. B says:

    The guy I am working for, similar to the fictitious guy above just layed off 25% of the company personnel (60 employees). Thanks Obamba!References :

  11. tommysgirl says:

    stop your whining. if you can’t live off of 750,000.00 a year, you have serious problems.References :

  12. nikm7553 says:

    I guess you should have explained to the other blacks…

    businessmen give you your jobs….and race isnt the reason you vote.References :

  13. its snowing in atlanta! says:

    He is not doing nothing. Its this finacial crises. Because of the finacial crises people aren’t buying things, which is affecting you. The finacial crises started way before obama was elected.References :

  14. Papa Chester says:

    small businesses don’t make a gross profit of 1 mil/yr. at least not in this economy or in detroit at the best of times. my suggestion layoff more lazy bums until the present administration realizes who is in chargeReferences :

  15. Anna P says:

    Thanks for the laugh. Anyone who doesn’t understand that business is treated very differently than personal income doesn’t deserve to be in business. AND if has been shown that employment is impacted very little (some, but it depends on the % of cost that is labor) by slight increases. Our nation was the wealthiest when the top rate was 90% and we were giving money away all over the world (very late 40s-early 50s under the Marshall Plan).References :

  16. Alex C says:

    Actually, the profit going down by a quarter means no more research to become more "energy efficient",yet billions of dollars are being devoted to that in the Stimulus package. Also, this means that there is less opportunity for growth, and more opportunity for businesses to go under.

    I would advise you not to make snarky comments until you understand the topic you are talking about.References :

  17. Brigid MacDonnell says:

    Yes, and I have just recently had to experience the horror of cutting back on my trips to the beauty parlor! Can you believe it? I was even told to buy a package of hair coloring at a drugstore and do it myself! How terrible can things get? I thought I would never live to see a day like this.References :

  18. crafty says:

    I can certainly sympathize, I am having the same problem here. I really wanted to do my part and buy a new car, a new house and maybe get a divorce, but times are tough for all of us. Hang in there, I’ll be thinking about you while I’m on that long flight to NZ tomorrow. I will do a bungee jump in your honor.References :

  19. Tracy L says:

    You are one funny dude:^DReferences :

  20. enemy62301 says:

    I don’t think sarcasm suits you :-(References :

  21. odzookers says:

    Almost unbelievable. These Limburgers are taking this SERIOUSLY??References :

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