Business Branding Maybe?

I think I have an idea of what you would call someone who does this but I thought I would double check and see if other knew what you would call someone with this job/business.

What would you call a business or person who is kind of like a wedding or party planner but for a small business? They basically help with just the looks and the image of the business? They would take someone starting a small business and help them establish their "brand" by connecting them with sub contractors who can accomplish the things they need for their business?

Such as, they would help you figure out what kinds of things you would need for your business like business cards, websites, letterheads, logo, etc? They would maybe start out as helping you figure out the best approach on what your business should look like? Picking out colors, finding someone to make a logo, and then deciding ways to advertise your business online?

I realize this is kind of a scattered post but I can’t think of what you would call this person or business. Someone who takes care of building the look of the company and sub contracting to programmers, designers, and print companies?

Also, what degrees would they have? Would this mainly fall under branding and marketing or would it be a business coach?

Thank you :D

Actually – you could call yourself a Brand Builder!

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2 Responses to Business Branding Maybe?

  1. Massimo says:

    Actually – you could call yourself a Brand Builder!References :

  2. John says:

    This would be a marketing services company that specializes in what’s called "corporate identity". A business colleague of mine does exactly this. She is a graphic designer by training but she also understands the importance of strategic marketing planning. She serves as an account manager for her clients, interpreting their marketing strategy and recommending creative options. Then she farms out the work of creating logos, advertisements, marketing brochures, etc. to a team of marketing professionals with whom she has a partnership business relationship. She’s been doing it for years and makes a good living ($200,000+). Good luck.References :

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