Any one is interrested in small investment business?

We operate tours and travel company on Lombok Island, Indonesia, where we have received lots of tourists. We have started this business since 2006 and we are amongst the newest tours and travel company on the island. Due to the upcoming volumes of tourist arrivals to this island, we are now in the need to add some more units of medium size buses in our business. We are interrested in 28/30 passanger seat coaches/buses.
I am looking for one business partner who is willing to invest on tourist transportation business
Please revert to me if you may have the idea
Cheers /
Thanks for swift respons
One used 28/30 seater bus costs approx. US$15.000 – 25.000 depending on condition(engine type: Mitsubishi/Mercy)
New one costs approx. US$50.000 – 60.000 depending on type (Mitsubishi/Mercy)


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  1. babbers47 says:

    noReferences :

  2. great_warrior2007 says:

    how much do i need to invest?References :

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