Who is Obama’s life (personal) coach?

Who is Barack Obama’s life coach? I believe Obama must have passed through personal development training or life coach. Who is his coach?

Time will tell.

I can’t wait to read the answers.

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17 Responses to Who is Obama’s life (personal) coach?

  1. the_libertyman says:

    Reverend Wright.

    "He has been my mentor and my spiritual adviser" – B. ObamaReferences :

  2. richer_than_you1971 says:

    The man behind the curtain

    George SorosReferences :

  3. C.J. says:

    I think it’s Oprah. he heReferences :

  4. WhiteHouse Watching says:

    Oprah. if it were Wright he wouldn’t have won.References :

  5. Country before race says:

    Time will tell.

    I can’t wait to read the answers.References :

  6. ARLENE B says:

    Rev. Wright. No doubt about it. Wait, maybe Bubba! Aaahhh, now it all makes sense!References :

  7. Liberal AssKicker says:

    Hopefully Abraham Lincoln, as Obama has said.

    Lincoln was a freedom-loving REPUBLICAN. Obama is unworthy to compare himself to him, but by all means he should try to emulate him.References :

  8. Den N says:

    he’s not that smart–or that special–or said anything original.

    he plagiarizes his speeches from dead presidents…and he’s in bed with foreign oil–and he is incapable of telling the truth–and he cannot make up his own mind–he has no courage of his convictions–

    Life coach–this guy never had any mentors–only Black Supremacists!!
    References :

  9. susisays says:

    after a 20+ year relationship, baptisms, etc, JWright must be the one!References :

  10. mrlinuxguy says:

    John MaddenReferences :

  11. Demo-brat says:

    Michelle!!References :

  12. ???????? says:

    MichelleReferences :

  13. got_rachel says:

    I don’t know, and I don’t trust Obama.. he says what the people want to hear. Not what we need. I only pray we all make it through this.. God please bless America.References :

  14. Dreamy Cosmos says:

    buckwheatReferences :

  15. Let's Play. says:

    he has at least to,

    Rev. Wright and Bin Laden.

    Both have major rolls in his live. And don’t forget his hero Ayres.References :

  16. Ken says:

    Yup i was spot on. Most of the uneduacted people here said wright. Goes to show how no child left behind didnt work. Alot of u boys got left waayyy behind the rest. Blame good old Bush your hero.References : DUBYA

  17. plain jane says:

    His granny, the one who just died.References : spot on, ken. they crawled out of the woodwork

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