Im writing a story about my personal life. I have a few pages i want someone to read. be honest?

You learn new things everyday. Sometimes the easy way, but more often the hard way. It’s easy to fall for the “perfect” boyfriend, but is he really what you were looking for? Questions like this haunt me all the time. I often find myself wondering if I’ll ever meet the right guy for me. After my last relationship, I have a hard time of falling in love with other guys, other than Nate. Every morning, I wake up thinking of him. Every night, I go to bed thinking of him. My love for him was and still is so strong, even if we’re over and done with. I used to think love was too strong of a word to be used so lightly, but once you meet the right guy, you know when love should be used to describe your feelings for him. This is my story, but it’s not just my story that makes it special. It’s the true feelings that go along with it.
It was the first day of school. Back to my regular routine. Wake up. Shower. Do my hair. Get dressed. Eat breakfast. Brush my teeth. Yuck. I threw on my brand new chocolate brown Coach sneakers and grabbed my hot pink Betsey Johnson bag off of the kitchen counter.
“Bye, sweetie! Have a good day at school!” I heard my mother call as I closed the front door. I opened the heavy door to my pearl white Range Rover that I had received as a gift from my parents for my sixteenth birthday last month and threw my new backpack in the passenger seat, positioning myself at the wheel.
When I finally arrived at school, after a jam of cars that seemed to not be budging throughout the center of town, I raced to get to my homeroom on time.
“Jazmine? Jazmine D’Alessandro?” The teacher called off my name from the attendance, just as I rushed into the classroom.
“Here,” I said quietly, trying to find an empty seat. I looked around the classroom, half embarrassed and half worried. I scanned the room and my eyes made contact with a new boy.
“There’s a seat right here,” The new boy spoke with a deep, friendly voice. I quickly rushed over to where he was pointing, right next to him. I sat down.
“Thanks,” I said, my face bright red.
“Anything for a girl as cute as you,” He smiled at me, and that’s when I first noticed how cute he was. I felt so relaxed around him, something I haven’t felt in a while. I smiled back.
“Nathaniel Ericson?” The teacher continued to call names off her list. Everyone turned around and searched the classroom for the person with the unfamiliar name.
“Uh, you can call me Nate,” Again, the new boy spoke. Everyone looked him up and down, probably already trying to judge if he was
“popular” material. That was the problem with my school. All anyone cared about was popularity and ranks. I’m no captain of any cheering squad, but I’d consider myself popular, with many friends and ex boyfriends.
I turned to evaluate Nate again, when we made awkward eye contact. Nate smiled and waved.
“Hi, I’m Nate.” He greeted me, his big, full lips, curling, trying to fight back yet another smile.
“I’m Jazmine,”
We talked for awhile before class started and got to know each other. I learned that he had moved from California to Massachusetts because he was having personal problems and had to let go of his modeling career. As he spoke, I noticed he kept his gorgeous blue eyes fixed on mine the whole time. His eyelashes were so long and thick, which made his eyes really vibrant looking. He had short hair. A buzz cut, which was light brown, and his cheeks were rosy red. I adored his big dimples on either cheek and his small diamond earrings.
When my first class ended, I quickly rushed out of the classroom to get to my next class. I was midway to second period when I noticed Nate seemed lost.
“Jazmine! Hey!” He raced over to me, trying to catch up.
“Hey, Nate.” I knew I was going to be late for my next class, but it didn’t seem important to me at that moment.
“Do you know where Mr. Amarato’s classroom is?” He asked, seeming a bit nervous.
“I’m actually heading there now. You can walk with me if you want,” I tried to act as if I didn’t care that he was in my next class, but deep down, I was extremely excited.
By lunch, I had noticed I had every class with Nate so far, and now I even had lunch together. I sat at my usual spot, with all of my cheerleading friends and the football players, who were already in a deep conversation about Nate.
“Have you guys seen the new kid, Nathaniel?” My friend, Kristina asked. “He’s totally-”
Just then, Nate popped out of nowhere.
“Call me Nate and I’m totally what?” He seemed paranoid.
“Cute,” Kristina was always very honest with people. Sometimes this was a good thing, other times, not so much.
“Oh…thanks,” Nate awkwardly took a seat next to me. “Mind if I sit here?”
“Go right ahead,” I smiled and felt my face blush again.

When I got home from school, I was ecstatic. I went online and discovered a new friend request on facebook. I quickly clicked the red notication. Nate Ericson. Accept. Immed
Immediately, I got a chat pop up.

Nate Ericson: Heyy
Jazmine D’Alessandro: hii.
Nate Ericson: wadup
Jazmine D’Alessandro: just got home. You?
Nate Ericson: aw lol im just chillin. Thanks for helping me around schoolJ
Jazmine D’Alessandro: anytimeJ
Nate Ericson: J we should hang out sometime.
Jazmine D’Alessandro: Yeahh.
Nate Ericson: Friday? 7 oclock? Pizza and a movie?
Jazmine D’Alessandro: sounds goodJ
Nate Ericson is offline.

A million thoughts rushed through my head. Did I say something wrong? Was he joking around with me? Did he really want to hang out on Friday?

wow that is a really interesting story. i really enjoyed it. where can i find d remainder of your story?

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  1. Casey Marie says:

    Real talent. You should email me the story when it’s finished. :)References :

  2. Shaswat says:

    wow that is a really interesting story. i really enjoyed it. where can i find d remainder of your story?References :

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