Have you ever hired a professional life coach? What would you look for in Coach as I am starting my practise?

Coaching is a simple yet effective form of personal development where client and Coach create an alliance that promotes and sustains the client’s personal growth and competence.
This powerfull relationship enables the client to give up who they are for who they want to become. Those aspects of the ‘present’ person that the client might want to lose include doubts and fears, and any other thoughts, feelings and beliefs that stand in the way of living a free and purposeful life.
Many of us have big plans about who we want to be and what we want to become, yet actually do anything about it. Some of us are successful in our own terms but still find a feeling of emptiness inside ourselves. Life without purpose is hardly a life at all. Hence, that feeling that something is missing, or the big question of why we are here.
The Coach aids the client in finding what is important and helps to create a purposeful life.
European Coaching Institute

I never have and I never will. I think it’s just a scam.

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  1. hawk0810 says:

    I never have and I never will. I think it’s just a scam.References :

  2. bionicbookworm says:

    No, I’ve never hired a professional life coach. But, I don’t think it’s a scam either. When done right, like most professions, it has the potential for amazing growth on the part of the coach and the client.

    I would want a coach that could speak on my level and help me understand the challenges, both positive and negative, to my personal and professional goals. In some cases, I would need someone who could actually help me realize what those goals really are.

    I would also want a coach who has a strong pool of resources and skills that will help me grow in my understanding of myself and my goals. One who has the ability to leave me with a strong skill set that I can use to continue that growth after the coach has moved on to other clients.

    I can easily see a coaching pattern starting with daily meetings for a week or so (even daily shadowing at home & work), then a few meetings a week and then a few a month with maybe quarterly or semi-annual updates for up to a year. Or longer, if the program and progress dictate.

    The important thing to remember is the being coached is a learning process. It’s like a one-to-one college course in which you’re learning from a teacher who can offer new & different perspectives to help you realize your personal and professional goals. It’s a lot like mentoring, only you generally have to pay for the service. It can cover anything from lifestyle choices such as diet & exercise to professional growth as an new executive.

    It’s a good choice and I wish you luck at it!References :

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