A Leading Life Coach Wants to Change the World

A leading Life Coach is to go on a 52-week tour around the UK to promote better living and human excellence

Results-driven Claire Louise Hegarty the leading coach at Tranceformations Personal and Business Excellence, Life Coaching Services and who also writes for a national Glossy Magazine, aims to travel around the UK on a 52 week tour promoting better health, happy living and how to maximize human potential – giving people a better understand and experience of what a Life Coach can do for their lives.

“Often people can misunderstand what a Life Coach does and the results they are able to achieve” says Claire, “Coaching is about bringing out the best in people, assisting them to achieve their goals and maximize their potential”

Claire believes that everyone should have access to a Life Coach and it should be a service available for everyone – “being the best, happy, healthy and successful is for us all – its our birth right! – regardless of who we are and what we want out of life, regardless of whether we are a pop star, rich and famous or not – it is for all humans – we deserve to live a life of Excellence!”

“The reason I decided to do this tour was to allow people to experience what life coaching can do for their lives and allow people who thought they could not afford a life coach to experience what we do and to show them that Life Coaching is an investment and a valuable service that can help change their life. I want to show people that Life Coaching is based in the real world and gets real-world results.”

Claire works with a vast range of people – business owners, individuals, parents, the retired, children and executives – all who want to change some aspect about themselves, which can be anything from losing weight, stop smoking, combating a phobia, low self esteem and confidence, stress, anxiety, low energy and motivation, sleeping more peacefully at night to a complete new career and even life. The range of reasons people come to see Claire, as well as those mentioned above also include – those with illnesses or allergies, at a crossroads in their life or wanting to be their own boss, those who have a fear of interviews or a business man/woman who has a fear of public speaking.

One of the amazing services that Claire offers is for people who find it hard to sleep at night. Many people as the recent BBC Programme has shown, find it hard to have a proper sleep pattern. Many people struggle to sleep well these days for many different reasons, reasons that can be resolved quickly with Claire’s Professional services. Taking sleeping pills to get a good night sleep can be a thing of the past, with Claire’s amazing skills, a good night sleep is only around the corner.

Claire will be travelling around the country to show people how just one hour with a leading Life Coach can help them in their lives and how it can improve their life today and for the future. “Life Coaching is a fantastic way to a much happier life,” says Claire

Claire’s tour kicks off on the 26th May 2007 at Thornton Hall Hotel, Thornton Hough, Wirral

The Price for a place on the tour is £50, there are only eight places available on each date

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8 Responses to A Leading Life Coach Wants to Change the World

  1. Cody the Conservative II says:

    Why does ANYONE want public option HC? It ruined every country it is implemented.?France is moving away from it and trying to become like the U.S.

    It fails in all the time in the UK

    I PERSONA LY know a soccer coach at my old high school who had to wait 4 hours to see a doctor about his obviously broken arm.

    Germany, who socialized it’s health care on a MUCH smaller level, it can’t afford to buy new vaccinations or treatments anymore.

    In fact, the United States leads the western world in these categories.

    – survival rates for most cancers (sometimes by a 30% margin)
    – Survival rates for major diseases
    – Fastest health care system (get in, get out, get on with your life)
    – Highest number of new treatment plans yearly
    – Highest number of new vaccinations yearly
    – Most FLEXIBLE Health System (can change to fit the community needs)

    Actually you know what… Just ignore all that and call me a crazy right wing tool, it’s what you do best…

  2. greeneyes says:

    At town hall meetings, members of Congress and the President face citizen anger. Democrats and the media are quick to note conservative groups have encouraged opponents of health care reform to voice their concerns, but Democrats often ignore that labor unions favoring nationalized health care also cram these meetings.
    Undeterred, Nancy Pelosi and her liberal lieutenants in Congress scream they are victims of right wing scare tactics. In reality, a theocratic conviction that more government always improves conditions makes Democratic Party leadership blind to facts and deaf to reason.References :

  3. Reading Campaign for Repubs says:

    It RUINED every country its ever been implemented in? Seriously? France is in absolute SHAMBLES? the UK is a warzone? Seriously??References :

  4. KO the Con's says:

    It sure ruined the other 36 countries that are ranked ahead of us in healthcare, you betcha.References :

  5. Brit too says:

    Something weird is going on in USA.

    Sorry guys, but universal healthcare works, and it’s a sign of a civilised society.

    It’s big business in the USA that wants things to stay as they are to continue with the profit machine.

    In UK we have high quality healthcare that’s effectively free.
    It has a choice system built in and you choose where you are treated and by who.
    If you want different, no problem, you can take out private insurance or simply pay over the counter.

    75 MILLION AMERICANS have inadequate health care – in the worlds richest country. That is nothing to be proud of.

    PS your propaganda is paid for by the people that want your insurance money!!

    British – NHS userReferences :

  6. Free At Last says:

    Dear God child, please educate yourself!References :

  7. Daniel says:

    There is a difference between a government option for health insurance and a system of socialized medicine. Under socialized medicine (which is the system in the UK), doctors and health care professionals actually work for the government. Hence the long lines and wait times (which are often exaggerated based on anecdotes like the one you provide, but are admittedly a problem). Obama and the Democrats are NOT proposing a system of socialized medicine. Rather, the public option simply allows people to receive health insurance (not actual healthcare) from the government, rather than buying it from private insurance companies. Doctors will not suddenly become government employees, and people can continue to buy private health insurance if they wish.

    While the United States undoubtedly has a terrific healthcare system, it unfortunately is not available to a huge segment of the population. Over 40 million people do not have health insurance, and so cannot take advantage of our fantastic medical resources. Obama is trying to figure out a way to provide access to health insurance for those people. Republicans are simply shouting "socialism," hoping that will scare off enough people to sink Obama’s plan (and which has been somewhat successful so far).

    And on a side note, do you not think that someone who goes to an emergency room with a broken arm in the U.S. would have to wait several hours? ERs are known for long waiting times.References :

  8. weasel says:

    no – it doesn’t fail in the UK. If you go to guardian.co.uk you’ll find a whole list of things which you guys have been lied to about. The NHS is brilliant, but unfortunately some US guys don’t want to it because they care more about money than health. I live in the UK and if I’m ill, I get taken care of – all for free. If I were in the US I wouldn’t be able to afford health care. France is not moving away from it either, just so you know.References :

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