Tracegains’ Product Suite Achieves Food Safety and Maximizes Profitability

The mission at TraceGains ( is to protect the brand of food and beverage clients by eliminating problems before product is shipped to the customer.  The TraceGains Product Suite accomplishes these important tasks:

• Continuously monitors critical risk points in the supply chain and operations, and alerts users to problems before product is shipped to customers.

• When necessary, rapidly and accurately handles recall alerts within minutes, to minimize cost and brand damage, and protects the consumer.

• Helps identify the root-cause of the problem, to limit recalls to only truly affected goods.

• Provides rapid time to value by analyzing the supply and value chains for additional profit opportunities.

• Supports conclusive proof of brand claims at the case– and ingredient level, across all transformations.

• Dynamically adjusts to changing technology and compliance requirements.

The TraceGains’ Product Suite is comprehensive and quite unique.

BRAND AUTHENTICATION:  Having rapidly verifiable proof of critical brand claims such as ‘Organic’, locale, ‘natural’, ‘Fair-Trade’, is critical to maintaining competitive differentiation and premium pricing. TraceGains’ solution can generate digital and printed certificates to meet stringent import/export requirements and guarantee downstream customers complete brand authenticity.

PROFIT OPTIMIZER: By correlating and analyzing previously disparate data sets in the value chain, only TraceGains makes it possible to connect upstream inputs, suppliers, and raw materials to downstream outcomes such as product quality or customer satisfaction. Clients can then coach or replace poorly performing suppliers and counteract profit-draining events within the enterprise, and also perpetuate positive practices internally and throughout the supply chain, to achieve complete profit optimization.

TEMPTRACE: Correct temperature monitoring at frequent intervals and across loading, transportation, cross-docking, and unloading, lets businesses verify that logistics partners are delivering goods in saleable condition. With TraceGains’ ability to forecast remaining shelf-life at the time of delivery, businesses can significantly reduce perishable shrink and re-prioritize inventory by true expiry date.

RECALL MANAGEMENT:  If a problem does occur this unique solution can minimize brand damage by using patented recall trace-back and track-forward technologies. A recall alert can be initiated within minutes, reducing potentially bad news to one news cycle, and saving millions of dollars in long-term brand rehabilitation costs. The Recall Detective analyzes critical risk factors, going beyond material movement tracking; the Recall Minimizer provides instant multiple recall scenarios for reduced cost and brand damage.

ATTRIBUTE TRACKING: Common practices such as mixing, blending, batching, and rework challenge ERP systems to maintain attribute identity. Being able to track critical events and attributes such as hormone injections, pesticide use, or receipt dates across transformative events lets business correctly size recalls should non-conformity have been introduced from outside or within the enterprise.

CONTINUOUS COMPLIANCE: The best outcome for a recall is preventing the recall in the first place. Trace Gains continuously monitors the enterprise, copackers, contract manufacturers, and upstream suppliers for compliance with a customer’s business rules and regulation mandates. Real-time alerting and risk assessment adds an extra safety net and layer of brand protection. Continuous Compliance and a Risk Assessment dashboard bring exception-based management capabilities to the entire organization.

According to Gary Nowacki, CEO of TraceGains, “Stuff happens. No matter how well HACCP, GMP, GAP or other systems work. Our solution continuously monitors all critical supply chain risk points, both within and outside the four walls of an enterprise. The system alerts busy managers to high-risk potential problems on an exception basis, so they can take action on the most critical and preventable problems before they are received for processing or shipped to customers.”

TraceGains Inc.

Marc Simony, Director of Marketing


Thomas Cutler

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