Tracegains Details How to Eliminate Food Safety Risk and Blind Spots

The mission at TraceGains ( is to protect the brand of food and beverage clients by eliminating problems before product is shipped to the customer.  Most companies believe they are protected from brand damage by their best practices and periodic audits. In an increasingly complex global supply chain, food and beverage companies face new risks requiring advanced solutions. A collaborative validation platform ties together your key trading partners and turns data into knowledge and power.

Proactive brand protection starts upstream in the supply chain, and must be carried through to finished goods. The Risk Monitor continuously monitors critical supply chain and value chain risk points for compliance with critical business rules, standards, and regulations, so that errant goods can be removed from production before shipping. With an enforceable up-to-the-minute risk assessment strategy, businesses can effectively protect themselves from recall and brand rehabilitation costs.

Recall detection and management are critical capabilities that every brand owner must have to successfully handle undesirable events that represent additional cost and unnecessary liability, and damage the relationship with the consumer. The Recall Detective and Recall Analyzer provide guidance in identifying the root cause of contamination and non-compliance problems, so that recalls are limited to only truly affected goods. This ability to act swiftly, and identify and compare various recall scenarios may save millions of dollars in immediate and long-term costs on each recall.

By correlating and analyzing previously disparate data sets in the value chain, only TraceGains makes it possible to connect upstream inputs, suppliers, and raw materials to downstream outcomes such product quality or customer satisfaction. Firms can coach or replace poorly performing suppliers and counteract profit-draining events within the enterprise, as well perpetuate positive practices internally and throughout the supply chain, to achieve complete profit optimization.

According to Gary Nowacki, CEO of TraceGains, “Stuff happens. No matter how well HACCP, GMP, GAP or other systems work. Our solution continuously monitors all critical supply chain risk points, both within and outside the four walls of an enterprise. The system alerts busy managers to high-risk potential problems on an exception basis, so they can take action on the most critical and preventable problems before they are received for processing or shipped to customers.”

TraceGains Inc.

Marc Simony, Director of Marketing


Thomas Cutler

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