These are my predictions for 2009 (alright Beech)?

- west tigers for the wooden spoon

– manly/melbourne/broncos/warriors to make the decider

– QLD to win three in a row

– Frank Pritchard to defect to French Rugby Union or Superleague

– Karmichael Hunt for Dally M Player of the Year

– Bulldogs to make the top 4

– One of the CEO’s or coaches to be fired *cough*waldron*cough*
Frank Prtchard is a given theres alot circulating around it during the season that he was not happy along with other polynesian players.

STORM 2009- i still love you izzy!
Actually my "spider senses" went off- Cooper Cronk gets Dally M- he should get it on looks alone!
– i also predict that one of the players will be deregistered due to an off field in descretion

– sonny bill to do the dirty on anthony mundine

-darren lockyer to announce retirement

-david williams to shave off his beard- ive seen pics of him as a para junior and damn he is smokin

thats my only prediction n i no it’ll come true

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  1. mitch? says:

    alright heres mine.

    – Panthers for the spoon

    – Scotty Prince for the Dally M

    – Dragons win premiership under Wayne Bennet after finishing 4th

    – NSW with a 3-0 whitewash, Cameron smith gets injured and misses half the season

    – Whilst commentating Gus gould will say "WOW" 5492 times and "UNBELIEVABLE" 4301 timesReferences :

  2. dids says:

    thats my only prediction n i no it’ll come trueReferences :

  3. Brenton C says:

    Yes except QLD have already won 3 in a row, if they win next year it will be 4.

    1st one I agree
    2nd one I agree
    4th one I agree (he will do a sonny bill)
    5th one I don’t think will happen
    6th one no, not yet but in 2010 or 2011 almost defineately
    7th one yes, I am sick of Waldron and Bellamy chucking their little kid temper tantrums.

    There is one thing Bellamy has to understand. Look in the real world. There are crimes being commited every day. Do we catch any of these people. Some of them. Same as the grapple tackle. Does Bellamy really expect every grapple tackle to be found and charged. Another thing, Bellamy gave the press confrence a dvd showing the other teams doing grapples. If he made a dvd showing Melbourne’s grapple tackling, it would got for hours.

    References :

  4. Colt91- (formerly Robinson1018) says:

    Wooden Spoon- Have to agree, West Tigers SUCK next year.

    GF- Manly VS Roosters. With the Mighty Sea Eagles going back2back!

    SOO- NSW will win. If they make Des Hasler the coach, and have the following Manly players (B. Srewart, D. Williams, J. Lyon, M. Orford, G. Stewart, B. Kite, J. Perry, A. Watmough) and the pick Kurt Gidley at hooker instead of Farah.

    Michael Hagan to be sacked mid-season, replaced with former NZ and St. Helens coach Daniel Anderson.

    Dally M- Scott Prince

    Top 4- Manly, Roosters, Dragons (wayne bennett could get a bunch of hobos inthe finals, MelbourneReferences :

  5. Sea Eagles says:

    -Penrith wooden spoon
    -Manly,Sharks,St George,Titan
    -NSW 2-1
    – SBW defect to soccer in Europe
    -KMH will be in jail for drug possession & attempted rape
    -Michael Hagen from Parramatta will be the first coach to get the boot
    -Manly 2009 premiers
    References : I read the stupid Courier Mail up in Brisbane

  6. manly4lyf says:

    - Manly go back2back
    -NSW win 2-1, David Williams making his origin debut.
    -Parra coming below 12th
    -Melbourne to lose 9 games ( lose in 2nd week of finals)References :

  7. The Doctor: Atheist Supreme says:

    I reckon it will be a Broncos/N. Queensland Grand Final (If they can go from 4th to 15th, consistancy is not a problem for them), the Storm will get kicked out for a couple of years, like the Rabbits did a while ago (in which case, I’ll probably either support the Broncos, because of Folau, or whoever Inglis, Smith or Cronk go to), after refusing to apologise and the Bulldogs will have anouther terrible season, only just managing to avoid the wooden spoon, which I too believe to be the property of the Tigers.References :

  8. Dropkick Murphys says:

    Penrith for the wooden spoon, just ahead of Parra.

    Elliot and Hagan get sacked.

    Top 8, Manly, Cronulla, Chooks, Raiders, Warriors, Titans, Storm, Souths

    Manly vs Warriors grand final. Make it a Manly premiership (and Binga can have more Champers)

    Qld for the State of Origin, in a close one ala Mark Coyne try

    Mundine telling Bennett he needs him for St George. Bennett ignoring Mundine

    Peter Wallace for the Dally M

    Every self respecting Rugby League fan to take part in a public burning at the stake of Gus Gould.References :

  9. unistu says:


    Tigers for the spoon.

    NSW Origin win, 2-1.

    Melbourne won’t make the GF.

    Manly to go back to back.

    Waldron dismissed.

    Lockyer to retire.

    I could write more, but I’d be here for days.References :

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