Monday night is going to be the worst RAW EVER!?

Here is the spoilers. I think its f*cking stupid what do you guys make of it? > WWE > WWE RAW Taping Results – Spoilers
Posted by Steve Carrier on 09/02/2007 at 10:41 PM

Source: Amanda Sharp and Steve Gerweck:

– It’s not a sell out, but a large crowd tonight.

– Lilian Garcia came out.


– Val Venis defeated Jay Bradley.

– Super Crazy defeated Shawn Spears.

– Hacksaw Jim Duggan defeated Chad ?

– Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch defeated The Highlanders.


– Raw begins with a video segment of Randy Orton attacking John Cena’s father Johnny Fabulous. The crowd is perfect, cheer when they should and boo when they should.

– Jeff Hardy defeated Umaga to capture the IC title.

– They are showing Triple and Carlito as upcoming tonight, not sure if its a match or the Cabana. They are also advertising "the McMahon family confrontation."

– Segment with Vince and Carlito. Vince suggests a handicap match because Umaga is mad about his loss. So it’ll be Umaga and Carlito vs. Triple H.

– Another segment with Melina talking to William Regal about things she has done with Vince in private meetings. She whispers in Regal’s ear and Regal claims its "filthy."

– Stephanie McMahon shows up, and then Linda shows with Linda slapping Melina in the face. Melina rubs her face, turns around and sees Ron Simmons who says "damn."

– Santino Marella comes out to vent his frustrations about Simmons and the "dump of a City Columbus," and Sandman interrupts. Sandman chases him out of the ring.

– Beth Phoenix defeated Maria in about a minute. Beth says she is cashing in her opportunity against Candice Michelle at Unforgiven, and Candice comes running to save Maria.

– William Regal comes out to announce he gave Randy Orton the night off because of his actions last week. They are showing Randy via "satellite." Regal announces Orton vs. Cena at Unforgiven for the WWE championship. Cena comes out and kisses his dog tags and attacks Regal. They send out three referees out to try to get Cena off .. Cena walks up the ramp and leaves Regal in a heap on the floor.

– Brian Kendrick and Paul London defeated the World’s Greatest Tag Team – Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin.

– They show Regal in an ambulance getting treated and Shane McMahon walks by towards the arena.

– They aired a video about CM Punk and his desire to be champion. In the segment he says something like "I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs, my high is wrestling."

– Vince and Coach have financial advisors and they are talking about Vince’s money and how the family can’t touch him. He then asks Coach how Regal is doing. Coach says "pretty beat up" and Vince replies with "well Coach, I guess its time for you to step up again."

– Cody Rhodes and Mickie James defeated Jillian Hall and Daiviri.

– Melina did the kiss cam.

– During the Triple H vs. Carlito and Umaga match, the ref rang the bell about 1 minute into the match because they were double teaming Triple H in the corner, I’m guess for a DQ. Carlito brings a steel chair in, Triple H grabs it and starts to beat Umaga. He decided it wasn’t doing the job so he climbed out of the ring to grab the sledgehammer busting Umaga wide open and continues his attack. Carlito retreats leaving Umaga in a pool of his own blood with Triple H standing over Umaga holding the sledgehammer. Huge pop for Triple H.

– Off air, they carry Umaga out on a stretcher and change the pad on the mat from all of the blood.

– Vince comes out and says everything is about the money and out walks Linda. She tells Vince she’s the CEO of WWE and has plenty of money, she doesn’t need his. But just so he knows based on his cheating and his parade of women. Vince tries to defend himself saying he’s loney on the road and Stephanie comes out. She COULD take him to court for everything he’s got. Vince tells Stephanie they have had good times together as she grew up and he put a video together of "Daddy’s girl." Which is a montage of clips from past times like Vince choking Steph, kicking her, etc. He screams its the wrong video and turns it off. Coach says someone sabotated the video and then cut to Triple H in the back drinking water. Hunter says "Vince, I had nothing to do with that! Hi Steph." Steph says she does love Vince and he obviously doesn’t get it and asks him to step down as chairman of the board. Shane’s music hits. Vince asks Shane if he agrees and Shane asks which Vince McMahon he’s talk to. The fearless leader who he’s proud to call his father or the grapefruit swining maniacal conceited (etc.) embarrassment. Vince tells Shane to stop calling his wife names. Boring chants then turn into "asshole" chants. Fans seem really bored .. its hard to hear the mics aren’t very loud. Vince says he confesses that he has only cheated on Linda once in his whole life and that was with the woman who gave birth to his bastard child. Kennedy apologizes for interrupting saying everything happens for a reason. There was a reason he came face to face with him the night he found he had a son. Vince is on his knees vowing to be a better father and human. Vince is on his knees when Mr. Kennedy comes out. That his last name is the same as his middle name .. that he demands the bastard child be revealed next week in Green Bay, Wisconsin. And Kennedy says "ya see dad .. i’m your son." Stephanie butts in and says "you might be a bastard, but you aren’t my dad’s bastard." And tells him to prove it. Kennedy tells Vince he inspired him to become the greatest WWE superstar. Vince stands there with a grin as Mr. Kennedy’s says "Mrrr.. Kennedy .. Mr. McMahon." A guy interrupts and says he represents the woman who gave birth to his son, its a male on the roster but the DNA test shows its not Mr. Kennedy. But it won’t be revealed until next week. The guy messes up his lines dropes his paper and says the only clue he can give out is "things are looking up." They stumble through that portion because the lawyer totally messed up.

Vince sends everyone away except Kennedy and tells him to stop pretending and Vince says we are gonna have a match .. bring out a referee. Kennedy vs. Cena, a man full of rage for all the right reasons, and calls Cena a lunatic. Cena gets in the ring, runs his mouth and beats Kennedy down. The ref rings the bell and the match is on. Cena continues attacking and ripped Kennedy’s shirt off and shreds it. Cena wins the FU.

– Raw goes off the air. Cena takes time in the ring and leaves shaking hands with fans.

– No dark match, Lilian told everyone goodnight.
Brooksie: They are only taping this episode b/c they are going over seas.

It’s not going to be that good, but a lot of the show had to be filled up with them having storylines in order to cover up for their suspensions. Nice twist with Kennedy not being the child anymore, although I wonder who it is now.

To the guy above, RAW usually live, but it was taped this week because of Labor Day and the fact that WWE is going on an African tour this week.

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11 Responses to Monday night is going to be the worst RAW EVER!?

  1. Dandy_Mandy says:

    Meh I never liked wrestling because its fake and dumb.References :

  2. DerKatSanJam says:

    Even though I already know what happened ‘ll still watch it just to see Jeff Hardy win the title.References :

  3. SuperStar says:

    yea it will suck maybe trips can say it some.References :

  4. Brooksie says:

    I hope Cena makes a heel turn for a little bit, but it probly won’t happen.

    And not to seem newbish, but I didn’t know they pretaped Raw again. I thought they were still all live.References :

  5. amdrag&edgefan says:

    It’s not going to be that good, but a lot of the show had to be filled up with them having storylines in order to cover up for their suspensions. Nice twist with Kennedy not being the child anymore, although I wonder who it is now.

    To the guy above, RAW usually live, but it was taped this week because of Labor Day and the fact that WWE is going on an African tour this week.References :

  6. jayjayyyyy PAC says:

    cena seems heelish and how the can they overated hhh no one can touch umaga all of a sudden hhh dominates thats ridiculas they should have made two people take out umagaReferences : why wasn’st king booker injured

  7. The Rock ! says:

    That isn’t a half-bad Raw.References :

  8. Roy Rockstar(NMT) says:

    Shawn Spears Finally got called up on HeatReferences :

  9. mcafton says:

    Well that’s just great. Now i don’t have to watch it. I thought RAW was live on Mondays. I though Kennedy would be the son.
    Things are looking up. I know I am moving up to level 2! two points. balloons drop. JR: Well this has been one hell of a ride for this young rookie, King. HE has fought hard and has finally made it to level 2. King: Yahoo! I’d like to bring one of the divas up to level 2. (Mr. Mcmahons music comes on and Mcmahon struts down to the ring.)
    "Listen here pal! Before you are allowed to level two, you have to join a certain club. A prestigious club……THe Vince McMahon Kiss My Ass Club…..References :

  10. diesel9673 says:

    the only good thing is that jeff hardy won the titleReferences :

  11. dantesoul says:

    Well you’d think Cena was a heel by the way he’s boo’ed every time he walks out. WWE should know they have a turd in him based on that alone. Heels get boos. Faces get cheers…. doesn’t it work that way?

    He’s boo’ed because he sucks, has not paid his dues, has a ‘totally’ lame finishing move and is a thug rapper from the suburbs.

    WWE writers are ignorant monkeys.References :

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