I know everyone hates mason, but i think he makes a really good point here, not just his opinion too i reckon?

This is a quote from his latest press conference, not just to do with him either i think he makes a great point about all the players who have been in this situation:

”It’s a bit disappointing when board members who don’t know a thing about football make decisions on your career,” Mason said. ”You know, when you have a look at it, you’ve got a coach and most senior players all coming out saying, ‘Yeah, we want him at our club’, CEOs do, but then it gets to a board meeting and, you know, you’ve just got fat businessmen all making a decision on your career. You’ve got ex-footballers that might say ‘yes’ and these other dudes who know nothing about football trying to make a decision on your career. It’s frustrating, in the end. It wasn’t taking anything away from my pride, it was just starting to make me angry a little bit.”

I know it wasnt the best way to say it but it really is true, it has happened a fair bit where the players/coaches/training staff/CEO’s everyone wants a player, then the board says NO, dont you reckon its wrong how the chairman have the final say when most of them know nothing

Mate, Mason is the best. Everyone doesn’t like him, but nobody gives a good reason why.

I like him so much I have a big poster of him above my bed so I can get sweet dreams of him.

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11 Responses to I know everyone hates mason, but i think he makes a really good point here, not just his opinion too i reckon?

  1. Mel says:

    Yeah it is true.

    If the board of nobodies had a good reason, then the coach and other players would feel the same way. The board that has nothing to do with the player are the ones that make such a big decision.

    I think the coach should have the final say, assuming the other players agree too.References :

  2. Jules says:

    It is true yeah you are right. And say it wasnt Mason say it was Hindy or Marshall or Preston Campbell wanting a contract with a club and the suits saying NO for whatever their reasons.

    Mind you – Mason has been a curse for the Roosters – and for the Doggies. His behaviour and attitude have surpassed his playing – I mean did he play much last year?? I honestly dont know cos all I saw on TV and in the paper was him doing stuff off-field.

    If they made the decision based on the fact that they want a stable environment for their staff and players then I dont blame them. I think he used to be a top player – moving towards being a team captain, but now? No chance. And based on last year I want him nowhere near the Tigers.

    Besides if he wanted a "career" why didnt he sign with the Cowboys for 2-3 years?? Why only 1 year?

    I guess I agree with his point for any other player but when you look at Mason individually I understand why they made that decision.

    BUT I still reckon it should be mainly up to the coach like Mel said. They are often the most influential on players. Not some numpty in a suit.References :

  3. Bill P says:

    To a point he is right. The coach and senior players know how good someone would be for the club. The other side is that the "suits" are generally the money men so like it or not they are the ones who have to be gotten on side. Perhaps Willie should have taken a move from Sydney earlier then he may not have had this problem.References :

  4. Diet Fist says:

    The board controls the company. If they don’t believe a player is a good fit for their club, they have every right to exert that control and tell the player to take a hike. They have sponsors, members and fans to take into consideration. It’s not just about how well a player can play football anymore.

    I can understand it being frustrating for Willie, but ultimately, he’s received far better treatment by the Roosters than Brett Seymour and Bronx Goodwin to name a few.References :

  5. dragonlady says:

    Mason’s never been my favourite person, but this time he really nailed it.

    How many times have players been dumped, and the first ones to get in touch are their ex-teammates, saying they’re sorry it happened?

    The CEOs are just going to have to learn that their job is behind the scenes, and team matters should be decided by the Coach and players.References :

  6. Aussie Gold says:

    I disagree with what Mason said. I don’t blame clubs for turning him down. All clubs want a clean record and I don’t think it’s worth the risk with Mason.References :

  7. pulse says:

    I agree with Aussie Gold. As much as the team want a player, the chairman has to take other things into account, such as the fan base, and what a player (with bad off-field history) might do to the club’s record; especially if he were to do something similar again. I’d rather have a team with blokes I respect, than a team that wins more, but has players like Mason who give it a bad rep among supporters of other clubs. Just my opinion though. I can see how it would be frustrating, but I think it’s necessary so that we don’t keep giving these idiots numerous chances, just because they’re talented. They need to have an idea of the responsibility that’s expected from them.References :

  8. Knights 10 says:

    Mate, Mason is the best. Everyone doesn’t like him, but nobody gives a good reason why.

    I like him so much I have a big poster of him above my bed so I can get sweet dreams of him.References :

  9. Grumbles says:

    Some parts are true. In most cases the board will leave the decision of player recruitment to the coaches and football staff. However the board are the money men. If they have spoken to investors and sponsors and feel that bringing in a player loses them sponsorship, then they have to think of the trade off. So if the choice is taking Willie and paying him $200,000 with no repercussions, then sure. However if the choice is paying Willie $200,000 and losing $1.5 Million in endorsements, you have to ask is Willie worth $1.7 Million to the club, not just the $200,000, or could you get 4 to 6 players of better quality for that price.References :

  10. cnqaus says:

    He has a point to an extent, and many players who have behaved far worse than Mason have found another start. Clubs are a business and there is a responsibility to keep the turnstiles clicking and keep sponsors in the fold. It’s poor business sense to drive either away.References :

  11. ayambumba says:

    In an era when League players are consistently in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, it makes sense that the head honchos wouldn’t want to gamble on someone like Mason. It’s a business decision; There’s too much risk associated with guys like Mason, and the people who run the show want a return on their investment. I have to say, if it were up to me, I’d be saying no thanks as well.References :

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