High Profile Player With A Drug Problem?

There’s rumours about a really big-name NRL player that has a drug problem – and a major one. He’s a State of Origin player and a Kangaroo.

This is taken from http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/a-star-in-need-of-help/story-e6freye0-1225757046952

His team-mates know about it and we’d suggest his coach and CEO know about it, too.They haven’t put the player up for an in-house drug test and we presume it’s because it would ruin their finals hopes. This smacks of the Andrew Johns situation in Newcastle that went on for years and years. The coach, the CEO and the doctor knew Joey had a drug and alcohol problem. So did most people in Newcastle, who had seen his behaviour slip to unacceptable levels. But the Knights couldn’t afford to have the world’s best player on the sidelines for an extended period because it would have cost them gate takings and premiership points. So here we are in 2009 and the game has another dirty secret that no one will deal with. This guy’s behaviour has been out of line for some time. Last week, Queensland officials tried to convince us nothing untoward happened in the lead-up to Origin III. If David Gallop cares to ring us, we’ll pass on his name.
Any ideas on who you think this player might be?

Rumour has it that when Andrew Johns was caught in England a few years ago with the pill in his pocket, he was out with another very high profile player – Darren Lockyer. Do the math maybe??

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9 Responses to High Profile Player With A Drug Problem?

  1. Yahoo Answerer Dude! says:

    something tells me its karmichael hunt, but that is a pure guess only, with no reliable sources. my apoligies to karmichael if this guess offends you. (not that he will read this, but you never know…)References :

  2. Mike says:

    wishful thinking…J.HodgesReferences :

  3. Nathan O says:

    best thing to do is to get a list of players who play in origin and for australia, Australian team: No Name Position Club Caps (Points) correct to 27 October 2008
    1 (Billy Slater**)
    2 Joel Monaghan*
    3 (Greg Inglis**)
    4 (Israel Folau**)
    5 (justin hodges**)–>he’s a wanker
    6 Darren Lockyer**
    7 Johnathan Thurston**
    8 Petero Civoniceva**
    9 Cameron Smith**
    10 Steve Price**
    11 Glenn Stewart**
    12 Anthony Laffranchi*
    13 (Paul Gallen*)
    14 Brent Kite**
    15 (Josh Perry*)
    16 Anthony Tupou*
    17 Kurt Gidley**
    18 Darius Boyd**
    19 Craig Fitzgibbon*
    20 (Karmichael Hunt**)
    21 (Terry Campese**)
    22 Scott Prince*
    23 (Anthony Watmough**)
    24 David Williams**

    *have ever played an origin ** have lately played origin () who i think it could beReferences :

  4. CøwbøYs™ says:

    I have this weird feeling it may be Johnathan Thurston. Hopefully I am wrong.References :

  5. roostermanforever says:

    must be a st george player,References :

  6. «?L??e»™ [MWSE] says:

    You know Cowboys, for some reason I’m with you, I think JT as well.
    Queensland Officials means he’s a QLDer, and JT out would hurt the Cowboys pretty bad.
    But it’s just a theory.References :

  7. Kelly L says:

    Apparently the brisbane broncos are being investigated by the NRL, so it could be one of them(I hope not). Justin hodges is the most likely for some reason but we shouldnt speculateReferences :

  8. Brett says:

    Rumour has it that when Andrew Johns was caught in England a few years ago with the pill in his pocket, he was out with another very high profile player – Darren Lockyer. Do the math maybe??References :

  9. Simon T says:

    Lockyer or Hodges

    If it’s Lockyer it will be swept under the rug because he is the Aussie captain.References :

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