Every One Who Teaches Us is a Guru

Every One who teaches us is a GURU

The saying ‘ignorance is a bliss’ does not hold well today. Today, we are in the era of information & in order to live, survive, thrive one needs to amass a wealth of information to eradicate oneself from ignorance. We are constantly in the act of being taught at every moment either from your colleagues, subordinates, and bosses at our work place. We are either teaching somebody or we are constantly being taught whether we are consciously aware or not. On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, one need to honor each & every one of those who have taught us in one way or the other & be grateful to them for the place & position we are in our career today.

  • The teachers, professors at schools & colleges have always imparted knowledge to us so as to enhance our horizons. By upgrading us in terms of knowledge, skills & attitudes we have a price tag drawn for ourselves. The price we command at our work place in terms of salary & other perquisites is directly in proportion to the knowledge which we actually put in towards our work on a day to day basis. What we are today, what career we have chosen today, how we live today, what values we have inculcated today have been primarily due to our teachers who have acted as a mentor & given the necessary inputs when we were young. They have left an everlasting impression on our minds which are difficult to erase.
  • The next in line is the boss to whom we report in our department who are the best teacher at the work place. He discusses delegates, authorizes, empowers, supervises, monitors & controls our activities. By constantly interacting with him, we learn the intricacies of our job excellently & become extremely fluent. The more the job he gives the more the difficulties one encounters, more the difficulties one encounters more the pressure one has to hold on to the job. In order to tide over this difficult phase, we consciously or unconsciously step out of our comfort zone to accomplish the task which has been assigned. The experience of tiding over the obstacles gives us a great sense of achievement & confidence which makes one grow from strength to strength. We need to be highly indebted to our bosses who have made us extremely valuable.
  • The colleagues, subordinates with whom we work in our department also give us ample opportunities to learn at our place of work. They pose questions, difficulties, problems quite often to see that how well we come out with the right answers on most of the occasions. We are constantly tested, experimented & the moment we help, direct, guide & coach to carry out their functions better, we become better. We can become better only when we make our subordinates better & there is no end to how much better we can become. We need to be thankful to our colleagues, subordinates who have made us better equipped by putting us into tight spots.
  • The family we all have & live also teaches us to a great extent. We may be a CEO of an organization managing a great number of people, products & services. We may be considering our self as one of the finest executive in the organization in so far as our competence & skills are concerned. But when we come back home not only he needs to play the role of a husband to his spouse, parent to his child, son to his mother but play it to the entire satisfaction of all the family members. One needs to be extremely tactical & play a balancing act between career & family admirably well. This teaches us to understand & play the role well at every instance.
  • Lastly, we all gather information through books, media, TV & computers. Today, we are in the era of technology. Learn the technicalities involved in these technologies. One needs to work on computers, cell phones, fax constantly at their place of work to make work easy, productive & interesting. The output which one generates from using these technologies shall take us to great heights. Understand that these technologies are human friendly. Make them our servant & not the master. Technology teaches us to be quick, fast, competent, efficient & thoroughly professional i.e., to expect more & more out of oneself.
  • Eradicate ignorance. It is a disease. An idle & ignorant mind is a devil’s workshop. One does not live in a fool’s paradise if he is rightly, properly & adequately informed. Rise above the level of ignorance & see how one puts a positive image on oneself. Get ourselves taught constantly, regularly, continuously from bosses, colleagues, subordinates, friends, family members, books, technologies till such time we live.

Iyer Subramanian

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14 Responses to Every One Who Teaches Us is a Guru

  1. viraat says:

    mother is the mother to human male/female ,she is a guide/teacher/guru BUT how a male become ruler?no matter what we are……. we are because of our mothers who feed us /help us to grow up and teaches us the right way and love us unconditionally ,she is doing every thing possible for the kids……male or female as a guide/teacher/guru. BUT how come she is controlled by the male in the human society?if it is not 100%.may be 80% in this world. WHAT is the reason? do females are with some inefficiencies or it is just a male domination.?thanks.
    please ……do not follow Other peoples answer or sayings (books/gurus/scriptures )all are other. dig deep in you and your self to find out the truth. who is THE RULER IN REALITY. THE ANSWER IS RIGHT THERE. thanks,,.
    buzzzbe/ainy…….dear only the BRAIN is the ruler .one should be blessed with the wise and honest brain to work out for any kind of the problem . male or female both can have that. so both can be the rulers BUT must be accepted through out the world and all of the human societies.the majority of the male are stupid who are fighting with each other to show that they are better than other.just see in politics/religion and all other cheating businesses and they use the female as a tool to get the job done..a intelligent person never mind male/female must be the ruler in the society. GOD IS THE RULER (MOTHER IS A LIVING GOD) SO BE WISE WITH YOUR SELF AND also with the male human. any way ……..i respect your answer but not satisfied with. thanks.

  2. nemisis says:

    Women make up the predominate work force in the US.Immigrate hereReferences :

  3. avomatic says:

    Simple, males are larger, stronger, and more adept at violence.References :

  4. frank says:

    1) Bible says so.
    2) Guys are awesomer
    3) Men are usually the ones who get the money for the woman to be able to take care of the kids.

    theres more reasons too but honestly the first one’s all you needReferences :

  5. Bob Klein says:

    Read the book, "When God was a Woman". It explores how female oriented cultures were overturned by male dominated cultures. Even in the early Christian churches, males and females were of equal status, with women often taking the role of priests.

    There was a controversy right from the beginning about the role of women in the Church. Some of the men wanted to maintain the Jewish tradition of male dominance while others wanted to go along with Jesus’ philosophy of equality. The male domination wing of Christianity won.

    The book,"The Golden Bough" also has a lot of information on this, though it is a very dense book – hard to read.References :

  6. Boogy fever says:

    The Body of Christ His Church bride or wtver is our mother. Mother in this context refers to the Babyon babylon lolReferences :

  7. deepak57 says:

    A male is a ruler. A female is more powerful than him. Both should respect each other.References :

  8. johnno says:

    I can’t imagine why you are so naive… Why make stupid generalizations?

    Every woman is not the same. Some truly are a good "guide and teacher"
    (FORGET ABOUT "GURU") and some women are bereft of these talents.

    What makes you think all women are shining wonders of virtue?

    My ex-wife was a psychotic, violent, alcoholic nut case, who was raised
    to view education with contempt, and never worked a day in her life. It was
    me who provided most of the care for our child… from nappy changing to
    teaching her first words and colours & numbers etc. while her mother lay
    on her back, hung over from each drinking session.

    She left, and scored another lot of real estate and cash – for which she’d
    made no contribution – to add to what she took from her first husband.

    There are all kinds of women… please take your head out of the sand.

    I thank God for the wonderful, smart & sweet woman who loves me now.References :

  9. Harbans Lal says:

    Mothe occupies a dominant position in all the societies. Although it can be inferred that without her companion she is incomplete. In order to transact all our activities it is paramount that females’ participation is a must. From Mahabharta or any other period of which we do have historical knowledge no religious rite is considered complete without the active participation of females. Considered that it is a male dominant society. But from where and how these males are born! Who shows us all the dawn of the day. Who tends us and provides us emotional support, list goes on and on. Women and men are the inescapeable and important cogs for making our machine of life function smoothly. Think of function of a simple bi-cycle. Can a single wheeled cycle run the road. Certainly not. So it is not that one is more important than the other, it is in this way that one complements the other. In this nobody is superior. Both are commanding the power and respect which is required to be given. But now-a-days some voices are heard about some people saying that ‘this is a male dominated society’. A society in its true form and constitution and to function as a unit gives due share to all its membes in which women are not less than anybody. Even a male, who considers himself superior will agree that if his mother would have neglected neglected or given short shrift, that individual must not have been there to question HER supremacy. Dear me, I am with you. We respect her, not because it is due to her but beause it is naturally required or ou MOTHER NATURE will teach us a sweet lesson. Mother Nature too is giver like our own MOTHERS.References :

  10. Buzzzbe says:

    The duties of Male and female are different in a society.
    Men have more muscle power. So they were appointed as rulers .
    Its not called domination.
    Women are mostly soft and slow to anger……… backbone to men.References :

  11. ainy says:

    No, its not so , but its because of fact of the physicality of the two ie. men and women and accordingly their duties or work is defined in the house & society.

    Man and woman are equal spiritually and mentally. women is the equal partner to men in fulfilling God’s purpose for our existence on this earth. Men and women are to complement each other and not to compete with each other. Men and women should only have one reason for doing whatever we do, and that reason is satisfied by God. Men and women are equal, yet they are not identical. It therefore follows that the rights and responsibilities of a woman are equal to those of a man but they are not necessarily identical. Equality and sameness are two quite different things. People are not created identical but they are created equal.

    here is the site – http://www.iium.edu.my/deed/articles/wmn_islm.htmlI that gives the slamic view about this fact..i’m sure it will help u 2 find ur answer well.References :

  12. mitesh s says:

    Male or Man is one who is using the Mind (Sanskrit world "man"). Mind has logic for system, organize, manage, control and rule. So Man or Male has to be a ruler.
    Keep in touch with miteshsoriya@yahoo.com for mysteries.References :

  13. Vijaya says:

    maa prakruti hai to pita pani. prakruti ka jeeevan vikasit hona ya sukh jana purushom ke haathom me hota hai.References :

  14. aanandoham says:

    the rulers are always crying and come to the mother for the treatment of their failures and pains. SHE IS THE ONE WHO MAKE THEM THE RULERS.in reality the mothers are the rulers of the CREATION ,SPECIALLY THE HUMAN BEINGS.IT IS THE EGO OF THE STUPID MALE WHO DOES NOT REALIZE IT. THANKS.References :

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