Can I get into Dartmouth College?

So, I live in rural northern Minnesota (sort of an uncommon area) and my great and great-great-grandfathers both went to Dartmouth. My grandfather went to the University of Chicago. I am home schooled, and have been in contact with the Director of Admissions since 10th grade. I am INCREDIBLY paranoid that I will not get in! I guess I will just list everything, please don’t make fun of me:

Extracurricular activities
* Home school Basketball (10-12th grade)
* WHA Speech (11-12th grade)
* WHA Track and Field (9-12th grade)
† Home school Drama (9-11th grade)
† Home school Speech (10th grade)
‡ Lakes Area Mathematics and Science club (11-12th grade, president and founder)
‡ Trig-Star competitor (12th grade)
‡ Northern Minnesota Mathematics Contest competitor (12th grade)
‡ Eta Sigma Alpha National Home School Honor Society Omega Chapter member (11-12th grade)
* National Forensics League (11-12th grade)
‡ Mu Eta Sigma National Math Honor Society (11-12th grade)
‡ MENSA member (11-12th grade)
‡ The National Society of High School Scholars (11-12th grade)
† Leadership Plenty (10th grade)
* Greater Akeley Youth Council (10-12th grade)
* Church youth group member (9-12th grade)
* Akeley Horizons Member (10-12th grade)
† Itasca-Mantrap Youth Tour alternate (11th grade)
‡ University of Minnesota Mini Medical School (12th grade)

* St. Joseph’s Area Health Services Jr. Volunteer 2nd Floor (9-12th grade)
* St. Joseph’s Area Health Services Volunteer Laboratory (11-12th grade)
‡ Local food shelf volunteer (11-12th grade)
‡ Rotary Foundation volunteer (11-12th grade)
* Church VBS volunteer (9-12th grade)
* Church youth ministry volunteer (9-12th grade)
† Cancer benefit volunteer (10th grade)

* Currently involved
† Finished
‡ Looking into

Science: Biology, Chemistry, Advanced Chemistry, Advanced Biology

Mathematics: Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-calculus, Calculus

English: 9th grade: English Composition, Calligraphy, Grammar, Classical Vocabulary
English: 10th grade: Sophomore English, Shakespeare
English: 11th grade: Junior English, Grammar, Classical Vocabulary
English: 12th grade: Intro to Literature (PSEO), English Lab (PSEO), Grammar, Classical Vocab

Social Studies: Ancient World History, History of the Church, Current Events – Economics, History of Western Civilization (PSEO), Intro to Geography (PSEO)

Foreign Language: Greek 1 (Rosetta Stone), Greek 2 (Rosetta Stone), 3 years of Koine Greek, Elementry Greek I (PSEO), and Beginning German.

(I also took Art and Piano in 9th grade)

I am in 11th grade, and any of the courses I haven’t taken yet I am planning to take. I have a 4.0 GPA, and as a sophomore got a 166 on the PSAT, and a 22 on the ACT. I know they are very low scores for the Ivy League, but I have not even taken the SAT yet. I am planning on taking the SAT II test for World History and U.S. History. Also, I am going to take 7-8 AP tests: Chemistry, World History, European History, U.S. History, Human Geography, Biology, English Literature, and possibly Calculus AB. Additionally, my two letters of recommendation will be my speech coach and the CEO of the hospital where I volunteer. I will be applying Early Decision to the college this fall. What are my chances?
I still have my great-great-grandfather’s 1875 diploma, his Phi-Beta-Kappa gold watch, and a Dartmouth sheepskin banner from the same era!

If you home schooled, how can your 4.0 GPA have any legitimacy?

It is all on your SAT, Kiddo. Have some back-up schools.

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4 Responses to Can I get into Dartmouth College?

  1. Ilir S says:

    I’m a junior too. One thing that I laughed at was that you had The National Society of High School Scholars (11-12th grade) because this is a stupid scam because they are taking money from you since you are leader. Another thing is I have almost just as much things as you and my ACT is a 33 and my PSAT was a 206 and I don’t think I can get into an Ivy league school. You need to bump those scores up. Another thing is if you get extra credit on your GPA for AP classes your GPA needs to be higher. You have the work ethic just like me but these schools just look at those slackers who get the higher test score rather than the hard worker. Once again i’m only a junior feel free to ignore everything I said to you since I am just as confused about the application process as you are.

    Good LuckReferences :

  2. Cochise says:

    If you home schooled, how can your 4.0 GPA have any legitimacy?

    It is all on your SAT, Kiddo. Have some back-up schools.References :

  3. Lili says:

    Ilir S, you are wrong. The Ivies do NOT just look at the "slackers" who get high scores and ignore hard workers. On the contrary. They often prefer a student whose grades and accomplishments outstrip his test scores to someone who earns excellent scores but has clearly not been working up to his potential, as evidenced by grades.

    When I was applying to Yale, a friend and fellow applicant had truly awful test scores. However, she’d been a top student in every way. We were both admitted.

    To the asker: we can’t tell you exactly what your chances are, but despite your scores, I’d say you have a good shot. Still, you do seem to be obsessing over this in a somewhat paranoid and unhealthy way. I strongly advise you to take the blinders off and start looking at other schools. You may well be cutting yourself off from considering excellent schools that could be great matches for you. You really NEED to relax! It doesn’t look as though you’re giving yourself any down time just to take a few deep breaths, and you also seem to be spreading yourself very thin on activities. It can really be better to focus on one or two things and do them extremely well than to run around doing everything that presents itself. If I were an Ivy admissions officer, I’d be impressed by the breadth of your activities and courses but concerned about the depth.

    Think about that.References :

  4. P says:

    Your test scores are horrible.References :

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