Am I truly honestly spoiled?

ok so i have 26 coach andjuicy purses my dad is a ceo and my mom is a surgeon and i have an iTouch and a rant i have 2 iPods a walk in closet and an indoor hottub.i have 36 dresses and a crawlspace. now that i told you my life am i spoiled? Guys dont want that in a girl,right?>=(
the thing is i dont ask for it they get me it i HATE it!

Yes you are, so don’t take the things you have for granted.

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11 Responses to Am I truly honestly spoiled?

  1. SweetPea:) says:

    YUP. You’re spoiled…lucky :pReferences :

  2. Pink Panther says:

    yepReferences :

  3. Milkshakes V says:

    Yes you are, so don’t take the things you have for granted.References :

  4. Nikki says:

    Wow. Id LOVE to be you. You’re totally spoiled. Idk if guys like that or not. :PReferences :

  5. rachel s says:

    YeahReferences : What’s he a CEO of?

    Yeah ur spoilt

  6. RedneckCowgirl2 says:

    it isn’t what you have it is your personality. if you have a good personality then everything else goes away. be yourself. don’t let on that you have all of that. (major turn off) really all guys are different. if you let on that you have all of that some guys might come in and just use you for the things that you have. just be you and don’t let on that you are spoiled and have better things than other people do and thing your better then them. Good Luck = )References : Me

  7. !_! says:

    Guys don’t care unless you brag about it. If you’re a good person you have nothing to worry about.References :

  8. d[???]b says:

    Yeah you are. I hope you appreciate it!References :

  9. briannalynne2012 says:

    um what do you think?

    yesReferences : meee

  10. ?rawr says:

    why would you hate it?

    i’d love your life.References :

  11. Ms Dimez says:

    You are spoilt, but its as if your parents are buying you these things as they think it’s a sign of love. Theres nothing wrong with being spoilt but it is wrong to be a SPOILT BRAT.

    Spoilt: When people give you many things
    Spoilt Brat: When people give you things and you arent appreciative of what you’re givenReferences :

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