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How do you as a team OWNER and team CEO…make the right decision to fire an incompetent GM….?

and then turn around at a press conference and publically announce that your new GM will have to share the philosiphy of yoru existing head coach (his subordinate), and a guy who has a history of incompetence as well? If … Continue reading

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Consumer Attitudes Toward Food Safety Impact Pragmatic Responses According to Tracegains

The mission at TraceGains ( is to protect the brand of food and beverage clients by eliminating problems before product is shipped to the customer.   According to William Pape, Founder and Executive Vice President at TraceGains, “Recently we shared the … Continue reading

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Benefits of Business Coaching

As business around the world has become increasingly competitive, the demand for business coaching has increased. Business coaching creates an environment for the overall growth of the business and trains it to adapt to change. A few years ago, just … Continue reading

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