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Tracegains Details How to Eliminate Food Safety Risk and Blind Spots

The mission at TraceGains ( is to protect the brand of food and beverage clients by eliminating problems before product is shipped to the customer.  Most companies believe they are protected from brand damage by their best practices and periodic … Continue reading

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Evidence Based Business Coaching

The history of coaching in business can be traced back to the 1950-60s, when psychologists documented case studies for reference. Though coaching is a combination of counseling, leadership, psychology, adult learning etc, it is not a form of psychotherapy. The … Continue reading

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Can I qualify for grant funding as a small business?

I am a small business licensee and am just starting my business. I run soccer-based educational fitness programs for children ages 2 to 6. One of the major goals of the program is to combat childhood obesity. I teach the … Continue reading

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Any ways to find a job at age 15?

I really need a job. I found one on Craigslist for a cheer coaching job & he sounded interested, but I never got a call back from him. Maybe a small business or something? Help! Thanks! (: In this economy, … Continue reading

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What does the profession Life Coach involve?

I know that it is helping people feel happy with themselves and achieve personal goals but what exactly does life coaching involve? How would they help a person achieve these things? Thanks They must be good at suckering people into … Continue reading

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Speech at Aligarh University, India – February 2008 (text)

Leadership and Entrepreneurship Aligarh University Speech by Frank F. Islam Mr. Vice Chancellor, Faculty Members, Students, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen: Before I begin my speech, I’d like to recognize some people who have traveled with me from the United … Continue reading

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Is Business Coaching Meant for You

Business coaching is conducted primarily to have a competitive advantage in the market. Most companies that opt for business coaching already have high revenues. Most established businesses find it a worthwhile investment for increasing productivity, management efficiency, and income. It … Continue reading

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