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can i deduct mileage for traveling to a separate work location?

i do not own my own business. i’m a teacher so i drive to my school every day. however, this year i will be coaching golf which is at a golf course that i will have to drive to every … Continue reading

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how do I find a life coach in my area?

I have heard about life coaches and personal planners/life organizers and I think I may need one. I really need help with time-management, organization, life direction, and over all life organization. Is that what a life coach does? Serious answers … Continue reading

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I am an online freelancer. I worked on a project for this Australian employer and now he has defaulted….?

I am a freelancer living outside Australia.mI am owed money by an Australian resident for the project I had done for him through a website online. The employer DEAN EGAN is the founder and CEO of an online company NLP … Continue reading

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Are all CEO’s humble dim wits, or is this just an act they are coached to put on, when questioned about crimes?

Murdoch being just the latest crooked CEO to use the old "Sergeant Shultz" act to avoid questions, lie, and attempt to soften opinions of himself. Curtis – Nope, just the crooked ones and their shills. The very ones you love … Continue reading

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Im writing a story about my personal life. I have a few pages i want someone to read?

This is just a story i felt like writing to get my feelings out about what just occured in my life recently. its not really that good, but i want to hear what you think. what can i improve on? … Continue reading

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