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Every One Who Teaches Us is a Guru

Every One who teaches us is a GURU The saying ‘ignorance is a bliss’ does not hold well today. Today, we are in the era of information & in order to live, survive, thrive one needs to amass a wealth … Continue reading

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Business Coaching; Learning to Change With the Market and Times

Business coaching is necessary for surpassing the current levels of performance and productivity. The challenges faced by today’s organizations in terms of reinvention, reengineering, reorganizing and right sizing has forced them to utilize business coaching in order to compete in … Continue reading

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Who is the greatest light heavyweight ever in the UFC?

My opinion……Tito Ortiz here’s why He is a 6 time light heavyweight champion. longest reign in any division in the ufc……3 1/2 years as title holder. notable wins over Jerry Bohlander (UFC 12 Lightweight winner) Guy Mezger (UFC 13 winner) … Continue reading

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Business Idea : Chav free public transport – Who’s in ?

I’ve got an idea to set up a fleet of coaches that travel the same route as some popular bus routes. These would be by membership only but you’d be guaranteed a seat, air conditioning in the summer and, best … Continue reading

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Im writing a story about my personal life. I have a few pages i want someone to read. be honest?

You learn new things everyday. Sometimes the easy way, but more often the hard way. It’s easy to fall for the “perfect” boyfriend, but is he really what you were looking for? Questions like this haunt me all the time. … Continue reading

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Father’s Day Gift For English Gentleman & CEO?

Hello, I have the same issue each and every time that it comes to having to purchase a gift for my boyfriend. People always say that I should know what he likes by now, but its hard to buy something … Continue reading

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How do I draw up a legal I.O.U.? I do business/life coach consultations over the phone.?

I am set-up on a "pay as you go" basis-no problem. However, 9 weeks ago I started running a tab for a client who is in a difficult divorce situation. The tab has grown quite large, and no date for … Continue reading

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