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Why do some men NOT understand that when a male CEO/CTO wants to meet a woman out of nowhere?

that she is just hoping to get some professional coaching/possible job suggestion from him, that’s why she gets offended when it turns out to be a sexual drive that made him talk to her? Like if a CEO/CTO/ or even … Continue reading

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Re: taking a small business to court for what I believe to be a wrongful termination?

My wife worked for a M.D. who had his own business. She started in Aug. of 2009 and was let go about a week ago(May 2010). Her boss gave her the reason of "that she is not fit for his … Continue reading

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what is another word for personal guide or life coach, but only has 6 letters?


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Is Carlton CEO Greg Swan trying to turn the CFC into Collingwood?

Ever since Greg Swan landed at Carlton from Collingwood. i have always worried about his, very close ties with the magpies. now im really sure. that he is trying to give my club the magpie influence. Brett Ratten has been … Continue reading

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What are your experiences with starting a small business?

I have a very rough idea of starting a dessert shop. I’m looking for a path to refining the idea a bit more before I start putting it down on paper. I don’t have any inflated views of success, nor … Continue reading

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Looking for personal coach/manager/marketer.?

I’m in need of a revamping of my personal life and where I’m headed but I believe I need help. Where can I find a good personal coach,manager or marketer? I am in Alaska, someone local would be great, but … Continue reading

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Does Obama’s unoriginal “the buck stops here” Truman sign mean he’s moving right?

To an era of more traditional Democrats like Truman and JFK? Does it mean they finally accept responsibility for a year under Obama’s control? A CEO, or a coach who continued to blame his predecessor after a year would be … Continue reading

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How much would you pay for a Comprehensive Resume Analysis and Interview Coaching?

I have a degree in Human Resources and Systems Management, and friends always ask me to look at their resume or to help them with their interviewing skills. I am looking to possibly start a small business in efforts to … Continue reading

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If you had $40 and 40 min p/week would you hire a life coach to help you accomplish personal/biz goals via ph?

thats quite inexpensive for a coach. check them out and if you like working with them, then do it.

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The Importance of Standards

At a recent Christmas party I found myself engaged in a stimulating conversation with a group of friends and their spouses which included a manager from UPS. Somehow we got on the topic of customer service and Safeway came up. … Continue reading

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