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who will coach the tigers next year,hardwick or hinkley.?

brendon gale as the new ceo ,he will do a complete cleanout,to make the tigers a force again,what is your opinion I think i will have a crack at coaching the tigers next year. Mick Molloy will be my forward … Continue reading

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I m planning 2 start a business of sports coaching academy but i hav a small budget 4 mkting.Need suggestion?

1.Regional Perspective – NCR Region – I have a Budget of INR 5 Lacs. Within this budget, I have to devise a Branding and Promotional Strategy for a specific region. The main objective of such an exercise would be to … Continue reading

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how to become a personal life coach in Canada?

I would like to hear a suggestion for where to go. Thank you! There are quite a few online associations/schools for people to become a life coach all around the world. The most well known one is ICF (International Coaches … Continue reading

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What is the best way to recruit students in the 7th – 9th grades to a summer business camp?

It’s a two week non-residential camp in the California Silicon Valley called Camp BizSmart to teach entrepreneurial skills by assigning students to teams coached by real world CEO’s and company founders. The camp is conducted at Foothill College. OK – … Continue reading

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How do I get small money fast ($50-$100/month)? Is online business an option? Please coach me?

I am looking for an easy online business from home. Which can generate small money of $50-$100 per month. Can you show me programs which can easily do that? Thanks. You can only obtain legitimate work from home positions from … Continue reading

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If you had questions about your life, career, direction, etc.- would you go to a psychologist?

OR, would you go to a personal/life coach? If the cost was the same and both were conveniently located. Would the schooling/degree (of the psychologist) be more important than the life experience, compassion, and no-nonsense advice of the life coach? … Continue reading

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Many CEOs Pursue the Four Ps – Pay, Power, Perks and Prestige Rather than Profits

Recently, there are more and more CEOs falling from grace. In the United States, forced exits accounted for 39% of CEO departures in 2002 up from 25 % in 2001, according to Booz Allen Hamilton. In 2002, Enron Chairman Ken … Continue reading

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When you Make the Decision to Have Gastric Bypass Surgery, you Should Also Hire a Life Coach!

I know you are saying to yourself, “What’s the big deal?” You think that once you go through the surgical procedure, you’ll go to a couple of follow-up appointments and maybe attend some support group meetings – making the whole … Continue reading

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The Basic Tools of Business Coaching

Business coaching has evolved over the years, owing to the changing demands around the world. Business coaching has opened a myriad of opportunities to people aspiring to pursue a self-motivated career. It is a vast field and includes a variety … Continue reading

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Trumpet Blowers Wanted ! Who has made the biggest contribution to your club in the AFL era?

I was blown away by the in-depth answers to my Q last week so I expect answers for ALL clubs !! Behind the scenes at every club are people who work tirelessly for the club cause. From CEO to coaches … Continue reading

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