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Should Harry Reid have apologized to the CEO of the Black Coaches Association instead of Obama?

For some reason when it came to light that Reid used the term "Negro dialect" he apologized to President Barack Obama and Obama accepted his apology. But when White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, used the term, "f—— … Continue reading

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I am an independent management consultant. What are some effective ways to market my small business?

My business focus is executive coaching, helping companies develop a strategy around organizational culture, training, succession planning, organizational assessment, and leadership development. I agree with the first person on here, networking is key. Your local Chamber of Commerce will have … Continue reading

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I am looking for a life coach for my aunt who had open heart surgery. She refuses to leave the bed after 1 mo?

She will not get up out of her bed, even to use the restroom. She needs outside motivation in order for her survival, i strongly feel this because her lungs are filling with water on and off. If her circulation … Continue reading

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Do you agree,its time 4 Anderson and Demetrio 2 move on? Do they actually listen to club CEO’s and coaches?

Most coaches are not happy about the new proposed interchange rules, they have let their thoughts to be known in the past, and yet the AFL and the rules committee are still willing to change the rules, simply because the … Continue reading

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If you are a small business owner; what is your biggest challenge in growing your business?

I am a Business Coach and always want to make sure I have my pulse on what people are needing so that I provide the best service. Is getting more clients, making more money, or something else the hardest thing … Continue reading

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If you choose to get trained as a “life coach”, will these teachings help u to HELP YOURSELF as well?

before I help other’s and presently in many ways I can, however am presently on a new path to self improvement. I seek to learn how to support myself, develop myself in certain area’s, and am hoping some of these … Continue reading

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Sales Survivor: Three Strategies to Help You Meet Revenue Goals Even in the Recession

By George Ludwig If you’ve spent the last couple of months wringing your hands, wondering how you and your sales team are going to survive the recession, it’s time to man up. Here are some strategies for helping your team … Continue reading

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Life Coaching and Becoming a Life Coach

The concept of ‘life coaching’ is becoming increasingly popular in Australia as more and more people strive to manage their personal and professional goals. Life coaches endeavour to lay the foundations for people to achieve these goals. Consequently, as the … Continue reading

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Business Coaching Behaviors and Skills

Business coaching is relatively new to the corporate world and aims at enhancing company profits and employee productivity through transformational leadership. It strives to induce positive changes in the organizational behavior, belief and value, in an effort to improve organizational … Continue reading

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St Kilda to be investigated for possible salary rort under Brian Waldon. Do you agree or not?

Could this be part of the reason why Brian Waldon ex Saints CEO and ex coach …the one before Ross Lion(can’t think of his name at this point in time) didn’t get along? Edit…Yes, Chorus it was Grant Thomas. I … Continue reading

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