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Is it possible that our shared belief that reltionships have to be exactly equal?

could that be the reason that divorce rates are so high? When nobody is charge it’s anarchy. Every team needs a coach, every company needs a CEO. I’m not saying it has to be the man, but whoever is better … Continue reading

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my small business venture is training and mediation and private counselling and coaching-any ideas for a name?

Thanks for all help and advice, my difficulty is that I am aiming at both corporate and individual clients and I want a name that targets both. Training and mediation – corporate. Individual coaching, counselling and hypnotherapy. Venture Mediation The … Continue reading

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i am looking for an affordable personal or life coach?

im looking for someone who can help me acheive my goals and give me insight on improving life and making it better.start a business create from the inside out i do live in CALGARY.alberta ~the experience of pure awareness~

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I need an article about a leader that is in the newspaper, online, or from periodicals?

It has to be about a leader in present day that influences countries, organizations, or companies. An example is presidents, elected officials, CEO’S, coaches, president candidates and other people like that. Well try to find more newspapers sites, they usually … Continue reading

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I am a born entrepreneur. What is the best route to take to become a small business coach?

If you know someone who has been a smal business coach, ask them. Check with your local college’s Business Administration Department. Your local Chamber of Commerce, etc.

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Would you consider getting a Life/Personal Coach, if it’s free?

Reply/Answer or email me. "What the mind can conceive,the mind can achieve" ~ Napoleon Hill. Thank you. Only if the Coach had a happy and successful life him or herself.

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Developing and Deploying Leaders in the Right Way

Helping people realize their potential as leaders means clearing a path for them to grow, but it also means identifying what they need to work on in the current job. This is where leadership gets very personal. There’s no substitute … Continue reading

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A Leading Life Coach Wants to Change the World

A leading Life Coach is to go on a 52-week tour around the UK to promote better living and human excellence Results-driven Claire Louise Hegarty the leading coach at Tranceformations Personal and Business Excellence, Life Coaching Services and who also … Continue reading

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Business Coaching On the Internet

In these changing times, learning and imparting knowledge and information has become easier with the dawn of the Internet. Business coaches are known to use the Internet to drive the management and development of a company to success. The services … Continue reading

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Why was the CEO question deleted?

Because I told the truth. I gave the correct answer, I said Darryl Grayson. I allow me to introduce myself, I am Darryl Grayson from Chicago. I should be a CEO. I demonstrated that in my response to the two … Continue reading

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